Office & Business

The goal for interior design is to contribute to well-being and efficient work processes. We will guide you through the entire planning process to arrive at functional solutions that are tailor-made for your staff, whether you are looking for something for open workspaces or closed and soundproof areas. We collaborate with top architects and designers to create interior design solutions for offices, lounges, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and much more besides.

Hotels & Restaurants

For any hotel or restaurant, the first and most memorable impression for your customer is created by the interior, which, when effectively implemented, gives you that desirable edge over your competitors. Carefully planned and designed interior design solutions contribute to the overall customer experience and strengthen your brand. We are always happy to offer consultation and primarily rely on our experience when looking for innovative solutions.

Retail & Showroom

The ultimate success of your retail store design all starts with an understanding of the customer, followed by realising the brand and its vision. Our team combines expertise in interior design, material selection, and custom furniture to bring your vision to life. From shops to showrooms and beyond, we create immersive experiences that engage and delight your customers.


Ship furniture production has been one of the core services since our outset. It fundamentally concerns creating a space that perfectly reflects the needs of your travellers. Since life at sea follows a different rhythm to that of land, our many years of designing ship interiors have taught us to provide special solutions and to select the materials carefully. Our extensive experience in this sector makes us the ideal partner for designing, producing, and installing the furniture for opened spaces, onboard stores, cabins, and other onboard spaces.