Sunship design restaurant in Tallinn
Fine dining restaurant in Helsinki
April 26, 2022
MOW Supernova’s commercial premises in Tampere, Finland
April 26, 2022

Restaurant of Metos Center – a testament to SunShip’s versatility

Metos Center, located in the city of Kerava, welcomes its staff to a luxurious restaurant whose modern interior has been designed by SunShip. The restaurant serves first-class meals, but is also a sample environment for creative solutions: the staff of Metos, a kitchen equipment manufacturer, can take inspiration from here.

Intertwining Metos’ kitchen furniture with our original ideas allowed us to attain perfect compatibility and comfort. The project was completed in collaboration with the talented architects of PINTO Design, who inspired us with their pleasant communication and devotion to the job. We are particularly proud of the arresting ceiling installation that is crowned with delicate glass lamps.


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