Office & Business

SunShip manufactures office furniture for even the most demanding customers. Whether you are looking for something for open workspaces or closed and soundproof areas, we can guide you through the planning process to arrive at functional solutions that are tailor-made for your staff. We work with top architects and designers to ensure that all parties are happy with the result.

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants are not just places for resting and dining in: at any hotel or restaurant, the first and most memorable impression of the place is always created by the interior. Our many years of experience have taught us that what seems like a great idea on paper may not always be the most practical solution in reality. That is why we are always happy to offer you a consultation, and rely first and foremost on our extensive experience when looking for solutions.

Retail & Showroom

The success of an interior design solution for a retail space is determined by understanding the customer, followed by an understanding of the brand and vision. We contribute to this with extensive knowledge in interior design, knowledge of materials and the creation of special solutions that give the right finishing touch to your shop, showroom or other commercial premises.


Ship furniture production is one of our core services: this is what we know and do best thanks to years of experience. Since life at sea follows a different rhythm than that of land, designing ship interiors has taught us to think differently about time and quality. We value durable solutions and human-friendly environments that will serve our customers for decades to come.