SunShip has ...

17 years

of experience


dedicated specialists

2000 m²

of production space with diverse and modern equipment

that creates value

SunShip has extensive experience and a wide range of knowledge in the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke furniture. We are a reliable and forward-looking company that invests in digital solutions and infrastructure.

Simplicity and efficiency

Think, but don’t overthink! Simplicity is what lends charm to any complex project. The key to seeing the most demanding projects through successfully, we believe, lies in taking a step back for a moment and looking at things from a new perspective – this ensures that we always see the big picture while also not forgetting the small details.

Trust and loyalty

SunShip values its customers’ time and resources. We keep our promises, always get the job done on time, and set our minds fully on the design process and customer consultation. Only this ensures that production is completed with maximum efficiency and that the time you invest in us is spent valuably.
The secret to our outstanding quality lies in careful planning and dependable co-operation with the customer. This enables us to determine the best materials, make flexible changes where necessary, and achieve a faultless final result. Planning, co-operation, and efficiency are precisely the values that have won us the trust and loyalty of our customers.